Bringing Your Baby Home: A Checklist

If you are relatively new to parenting – expecting your first child – or if you are an experienced parent and are patiently waiting for your new child to be born and brought home, you may not know or may not remember the odds and ends involved in getting your house physically ready for that. You do not have to worry; the descriptions given below ought to jog your memory and also provide solutions for your needs.


You need to make sure that your house is inhabitable and healthy for a new born child to thrive in. To ensure that your baby has the best environment suited for his or her nurturing, you need to clean out your house, and for this, it is best to contact a cleaning company. They will make sure that your place is healthy and dust free – they will also use harmless substances to do so, when you tell them your situation.

You will also have to get pest control in order – again, there are companies that specialize in getting rid of the critters that inhabit homes with environmentally friendly and harmless substances that you can call and arrange for. To take that extra step for your child in the name of health and warding of risks of infection and wheezing, you can also arrange for a company to do termite inspections in Castle Hill and treatments on the furniture of your baby’s room as well as that in the living room and other rooms that your infant will potentially frequent. Getting all of these cleaning mechanisms done and dusted and out of the way is easier for you in the long run – you will not only be giving your child a safe and healthy environment to grow, you will also be making sure of your home’s hygiene for the next few months at least.

Baby Proofing

One thing all parents try to do on their own is baby proof their homes ahead of time of the baby’s arrival. If this is what you are planning to do, chances are that you will either miss one electrical outlet to block or forget to put a safety lock on one of the toilet seats. It is best for you to hire a professional to do this, and watch as he or she does it, so that you are also aware of how to enable and disable the locks. Visit for pest control.

Baby Room

Having the child’s room ready for its arrival, with the crib, swaddling clothes, a diaper station, a place for mommy to sit and for daddy to sit, adequate air conditioning, lighting and fans are the details that you must look into before your child is brought home.

Babies are a miraculous occurrence – make sure your home and their future home is ready to receive them with safe, loving and secure arms.